Photo by Maria Orlova on Pexels

What do I write about?

I write about a wide variety of topics, from neurons to neutrinos. When attempting journalistic pieces, I strive to tell unique stories about a place, person, phenomenon, trend, or combination of all of these, touching the boundaries of science and the environment.

Where do I find stories?

My stories are often inspired by the rabbit holes I get stuck in on social media, the Internet, or my everyday reading of the news. Some of my stories have drawn inspiration from my fellow journalists' works, while others evolve during conversations with experts and people's lived experiences..  

Who pays me to write?

As an independent journalist, I am paid by the media outlets I write for. Publishers pay me when I write books. My clients, which include some universities and institutions, pay me for my non-journalistic work. 

Who do I write for?

In my decade-long writing career, I have written for institutions, magazines, newspapers, books, and podcast scripts. I do not write for media outlets that peddle conspiracy theories or hatred among people. I write for those who appreciate different perspectives, are interested in helping their audience untangle complex issues and strive to be accurate and factual rather than first. 

What I enjoy writing?

I enjoy writing about the world around us and its inhabitants. I'm fascinated by the science of animal behaviour, so I have a special place in my heart when I write stories about animals' quirkiness.  

As a journalist, I have a special place for stories that feature the Indigenous Peoples of the world and their worldview. I am especially interested in highlighting how their philosophies and cosmologies guide us out of the mess we have created in our environment. 

I also write about off-beat topics like careers in STEM, contemporary science education, and conservation finance. In the past, I have also dabbled in podcasting and photojournalism. These days, I am fascinated with writing fiction.

What is my process?

Once I know what I am writing about, I do my research—read relevant studies and media stories, interview diverse experts and gather different viewpoints. Once I have all that I need, I start putting down my words. This is true for both my journalistic and non-journalistic writing.

Editors are integral to my writing process and have had a major role in how my stories pan out. I enjoy working with great editors and consider them my team. Having been an editor myself, I understand how crucial it is to deliver my stories on time. 

As a fact-checker, I understand the value of accuracy in my writing and reporting. I fact-check my work and try my best to represent my sources accurately and respectfully in my stories. 

I work with humility and write with authority. If you find something off with my work, I'm open to having a civil conversation.