Photo by Ylanite Koppens on Pexels

What do I write about?

When attempting journalistic pieces, I strive to tell unique stories about a place, person, phenomenon or a trend, or a combination of all of these, touching the boundaries of science and environment.

Where do I find stories?

Often, my stories are inspired by the rabbit holes I get stuck in on social media, Internet, Reddit, etc. Some draw inspiration from my fellow-journalists' work, while a few are based on pondering thoughts and lived experiences. 

Who pays me to write?

As an independent journalist, I get paid by different media outlets I write for.  When I write books, publishers pay me. 

Who do I write for?

I do not write for media outlets who peddle conspiracy theories. I write for those who appreciate different perspectives, untangle complexities in issues and strive to be right rather than first. 

What I enjoy writing?

I enjoy writing about animals and their world! Often, such stories also involve humans, either hurting or helping these animals. That said, I love writing about everything interesting--from neurons to neutrinos. 

Besides, I have also written about contemporary topics like conservation funding, careers in STEM and science education in today's world, and dabbled with podcasting and photojournalism.

What is my process?

Once I know what I am writing about, I do my homework--read papers and articles, speak to knowledgable people from different geographies, backgrounds and perspectives, and critically examine all angles. Once I know all that I need to, I start putting down my words.

I believe editors are an integral to my writing process. I enjoy working with them as a team. I'm on time with my deliverables and appreciate feedback on my work. 

I factcheck my writing and try my best to represent my sources in my stories accurately and with respect. 

I work with humility, write with authority.