Where do you begin as a science writer in India?

I'll start this article with a disclaimer. The inspiration for this article comes from the many aspiring science writers, some of who I have had the great opportunity to teach to, asking me what their first move should be once they know a thing or two about science writing. I hope I answer them while I also tell my story of how I got started to give you some perspectives on my journey, the choices I made and the mistakes I did.

When I started science writing in India in 2016, I barely knew what

Translators’ Roundtable: Bringing Science to New Audiences

Today, most breakthrough science is published in English. But in many parts of the world, English is not a native language, making translations essential to bring news, information, and perspectives to diverse audiences. Moving science-focused content across language boundaries requires more than running articles through Google Translate or flipping through a multilingual dictionary in search of a word-for-word translation. Translations have to be both accurate and culturally sensitive—a tough t

Do you need a Ph.D. to be a science writer?

It's a question I get asked many times by prospective science writers/communicators in India. Many of them would want to explore science writing (not scientific writing) but aren't sure if they are ready, or would they have to finish their Ph.D. to foray into this career. As a science writer myself, here's what I think about this based on my limited experience.

I got into science writing by more of circumstances rather than choice. Looking back, I am glad about the way things turned out, and wh

What it meant to be a EurekAlert! Fellow

Happy faces, did you say? Yes, this picture depicts what it means to be a Fellow. Captured on the evening of a reception organised by EurekAlert! for science reporters, this photo has the Fellows of 2019 along with the organisers. In this article, I share my experience as a recipient of the EurekAlert! Fellowships for International Science Reporters in 2019. The views expressed here and the events chronicled are purely personal.

The Fellowship is awarded annually to chosen international science